Our Services:

Hands-on Training

  • Training: Produce reliable, punctual, and technically skilled entry-level employees for hard-to-fill positions. Teach real skills for real jobs.
  •  Placement Support: Job placement assistance for our graduates. Within 3 years of graduation.
  • Advanced Instruction: Upgrade the technical skills of employees who work at Chicago-area businesses.
  • Technical Support / Consulting: Manufacturing and technical support services for businesses.

Our Twofold Commitment:

Real Skills and Real Jobs

  1. We help IMF graduates secure rewarding employment.
  2. We help local businesses meet their labor needs through employment of IMF graduates.

Therefore, our continued operation is based on the success of both our students and local employers. This ensures that the training we offer is always for in-demand occupations and is always high-quality.

We are a non-profit organization.

Find a Career

Without a Degree:

Although people may tell you otherwise, some of Chicago’s best jobs don’t require a degree. These include being a machinist and being a computer support specialist.

Train for either at IMF!

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